Mind Medley

Mind Medley 1.0

Mini games to stimulate your brain


  • 16 original mini games
  • Challenge or practice mode
  • Challenging


  • None


Mind Medley is an excellent collection of 16 mini games to stimulate and exercize your brain. The vivid graphics and lively animations make it an enjoyable experience and your constantly guided and helped with useful hints at the start of every game. You basically have a choice between two game modes: Lumens Challenge and Practice Area. The first one is a bit funner because you'll need to win games to collect Lumens and unlock new games. The Practice Area lets you try any of the mini games but lacks the challenge of the timer and fast pace of the first game mode.

We found all of the games to be quite exciting and original. Combining color, numbers or letters, they're varied enough to keep you interested throughout. You can save your progress any time and go back to it when you want. Collecting Lumens gets a bit more difficult as you progress through Mind Medley, but it's easy enough to be accessible to anyone.

Either as a fun little timewaster or a regular brain training tool, Mind Medley is an excellent collection of stimulating mind games.

Boost your brain and have a blast at the same time with this illuminating collection of cleverly designed mini-games. Test yourself with a series of fun challenges with names like Memory Match, Shadow Shapes, Perfect Pairs and more! Easy to learn and play, Mind Medley tracks your progress and grows with you as you improve. Test your brainpower to earn "Lumens" and unlock even more fun games! Featuring two game modes, colorful graphics, and endless replay value, Mind Medley is brain-building fun for everyone!


  • Unlimited Play
  • 16 Fun, Brain-Boosting Mini-Games
  • Easy to Play, a Challenge to Master
  • Track Your Improvement Over Time
  • Energetic, Colorful Graphics

Mind Medley


Mind Medley 1.0

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